Read only leukocytes

White Blood Cells

GM-CSF Granulocyte-Macrophage colony stimulating factor

SDF? Tissue Necrosis Factor TGF beta 1

IL-1 small lymphocyte to T lymph Multi potential (pluripotent?) stem cell to Common myeloid progenitor

IL-2 small lymph to T Lymph Multi stem cell to common lymph progenitor

IL-3 stem to common myeloid common myeloid to MegaK and RBC Myeloblast to Baso, Neutro, Eosino as opposed to Monocyte

IL-4 Small lymph to T Lymph exclusive to Lymphos *all lymph’s use IL to go to T Lymph, how does B lymph happen? Not IL?*

IL-5 myeloid blast to eosinophil but secreted by T lymph’s apparently i don’t know

IL-6 stem to common myeloid progenitor baso and neutrophil and mono over eosinophil

GM-CSF Granulocyte Macrophage colony stimulating factor all granulocytes (myeloid) includes early cells. basic

Cluster of Differentiation CD34 - blasts CD45 - all WBCs CD20 - B-cells CD3 - T-Cells CD4- T-helper cells CD8- Cytotoxic T cells

Monocyte blue-grey cytoplasm netlike/reticulated chromatin vacuoles large nucleus but even larger cytoplasm (so even N:C ratio)