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Welcome to my test php site! I'm learning html and php at the same time and this site is the realtime result of that

In the middle of no where.
Cuba 2019
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Evoland// a short story of adventure video games evolution
I bought this game when it first came out on iPhone because I wanted to support the developer. Now I bought it again, but for the Switch Lite. I intend to play it through this time—on the best-suited console for a game like this 😌
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I can't believe I've logged 100 hrs total play time and not had this setting on.
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Here's a few cases I've grossed in the last year.
I try to include as much as I can in one photo. It makes it easier to map and annotate.
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I just made from scratch a (most unsophisticated) 'liking' thing for my site.
All without javascript! :D
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Our minecraft village so far. This game is theraputic. Don't judge 😋
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I'm setting up my first espresso machine and I'm just so excited!
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Looks like I'm making great progress with my new year's resolution 🤦‍♂️
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Elijah. My newest baby cousin!
Making faces :P
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I should get a spam counter going to show what's successfully blocked/caught. so far it's over 300!

Yay comments!