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Welcome to my test php site! I'm learning html and php at the same time and this site is the realtime result of that

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Here's a few cases I've grossed in the last year.
I try to include as much as I can in one photo. It makes it easier to map and annotate.
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I just made from scratch a (most unsophisticated) 'liking' thing for my site.
All without javascript! :D
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Our minecraft village so far. This game is theraputic. Don't judge 😋
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I'm setting up my first espresso machine and I'm just so excited!
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Looks like I'm making great progress with my new year's resolution ðŸĪĶ‍♂ïļ
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Elijah. My newest baby cousin!
Making faces :P
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I tried playing Civilization 6 at my friends this weekend but my computer struggled to keep up with 10 players on a large map.
Is it time to look into getting an eGPU? I would love a desktop but don't want to carry it everywhere. An eGPU would be best of both worlds.
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#TIL caffeine isn't allowed to be added to food. It's part of the reason why Soylent was banned in Canada.
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Super excited. I got a docker container running Visual Code studio on my NAS. Finally I can code on my iPad!
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I think I may have found 145 lymph nodes today. What Fun.
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Here's to a new year and a new decade.
Happy New Year!
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What must it be like to lose your own voice?
To literally have your larynx removed and your airways permanently separated? And then lose your sense of smell and taste?
I had never given it a thought before.
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Mike and I played on our Minecraft server together today. What a weird relationship we have ðŸĪŠ
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I have a checkbox
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This year I genuinely had the best Christmas party thanks to these guys!
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I figured out how to use HTML5 forms to include multiple lines (textarea attribute) and added an additional field to allow for an optional custom URL.

How great is that?

Now I just want to figure out how to add photos...
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When you don't have a facebook account you miss out on important stuff. That's just how it is.
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having a macbook for so long I forgot how awful it is to deal with windows drivers. I got Age of Empires II for my boyfriend but he can't play it because apparently his Windows 10 isn't good enough (??) and it refuses to update.
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I've set my permanent urls for each post to be the UNIX epoch converted to hex. I don't know why. maybe it's a bad idea, I don't know.
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how php handles keys and indexes really throws me off :S
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I just spend a few hours writing a custom rss generator using php, breaking down the one wordpress uses.
Why? because I could. I guess.
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This is sort of a guest book / commenting system proof of concept. It may not work well.