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📝Gratitude journaling

I’ve had these guys for so long I’ve forgotten where I got them. Psyduck still works!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I made Nan and Mom play Scrabble with us this weekend even though I’m awful at it. We used up all the tiles at the end because we switched to “house rules” … but Nan still won.

I have the Bing Wallpaper app installed on my work PC which changes the desktop background daily. The one for today is stunning!

🍿 The Woman King (2022) ★★★★

The best movie in theatres I’ve seen this year. It had an engaging story, great acting, and visual effects.

To me it seemed like it was promoted as an action film with a serious plot. But there is plenty of drama, character development and actually quite a bit of humour—particularly by Izogie (Lashana Lynch), who takes my pick for best character.

I don’t particularly enjoy empty action/war films so I’m happy this turned out to be something with plenty of substance!

If you're lucky enough to be working on an excel workbook with 80+ sheets, you may improve your life with the following:

The little black arrows in the lower left corner bring up a scroll-able popup window, if you right-click on them 🤯

~25 years later I'm still learning new things about Windows.

Have you accidentally moved a window so far off screen where you can't click on the title bar and move it back?

Right-click on the taskbar, click "Cascade windows".


Shift-right-click on the window in the taskbar, click "Move", then with the keyboard press the arrow keys until the window comes into the screen!

Lac Leamy

Big To do!
- OAuth2 for liking and commenting and posting to a "wall" (og facebook style)
- personal kb to replace mediawiki

Time with family in Nova Scotia


I've practiced quite a bit of php. Now I'm practicing html with a tiny bit of javascript with help from here

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍