Jesse's Website

Big To do!
- OAuth2 for liking and commenting and posting to a "wall" (og facebook style)
- personal kb to replace mediawiki

Time with family in Nova Scotia

Wow I just used linear algebra for a real world example. Needed pen and paper but I did it! WHY DOES THIS FEEL SUBSTANTIAL

I'm excited to learn about IBKR's flex queries and Steam's user API 🤓

I’m happy when I make my mom happy. Happy birthday, Mom!

2022—guaranteed to be mentally a better year. I mean… the bar has been on the floor for quite a while 🙃

I don’t think I’ve seen all my aunts, mom and nan this happy all together in a long time 🥰

This coin is 10 years older than Confederation. We had found it in the floorboards of our old house and I’ve kept it with me since. It sort of proves that the house I grew up in is at least as old as the country!

sometimes I need to take my phone with me on a run 📸

I don’t know what I was doing in 2008 but it was obviously not listening to this album 😩


I've practiced quite a bit of php. Now I'm practicing html with a tiny bit of javascript with help from here

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍