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I really wish Apple would let us disable the hard-coded Flashlight and Camera buttons on our lock screens. But then I discover random photos like this.

Ontario came out of lockdown and I managed to find a few pics taken right before I got my hair cut. I had got this hat about a month ago but I had no idea that I would soon use it to contain that mess.

I think I’m finally able to ditch instagram. I mean… I’ve made like one post there in a year. Hurray #selfhosted !

Full moon from last night June 24
πŸ“· iPhone is getting a bit better at capturing itβ€”you can even see the lunar maria!

He said he liked it and that’s all that matters 🀠

I'm still geeking out that I had to use a modulus for the first time while building my photo grid the other day. Please understand that I'm just learning here πŸ˜…

if ($i % 3 == 0) {
//with $i representing a numbered photo, if $i divided by 3 is exactly 0 then start a new row of photos!

I'm off work for another 'stay-cation'!
My big goals for the next week:
- start running again
- upper body workouts
- fix my music library

In the lab we've used this guy's typographic art countless times.

Thank you Aaron Kuehn 😁

I've been primarily a macbook user for about a decade but in the last year I decided to try a PC again. Mostly because of the software I use at work but also because games.

I went with a Razer Blade Stealth. It is very similar to macbook design and even supports eGPU. I miss the old matte macbook screens so I was happy to get that option.

About 6 months into using it I was rudely reminded of the driver hell I experienced in the late 90s and early 2000sβ€”when I had windows PCs. Suddenly, without warning, rhyme or reason, my display would go black. It would come back with a force reset or if I shut the lid, wait for sleep mode, then open it. Obviously a driver issue. I uninstalled all recent updates. I reinstalled Razer's bloatware countless times. I couldn't figure out the solution to this intermittent problem so I just settled on ignoring it.

Now, a few months ago I decided to uninstall all of Razer's software and instead install all of the laptop's drivers directly from Intel. I haven't had an issue since. Go figure.

I still think it's the best Windows laptop for me πŸ™ƒ

I took this picture from behind Parliament hill thinking it would make a good wallpaper πŸ€”


I've practiced quite a bit of php. Now I'm practicing basic html with help from here.

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