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Next up, I'm playing with the json api !

AirTag! It’s been a long 2 years of rumours for this thing. Here’s hoping I never lose my keys again πŸ‘

Yay made some serious php functions with sql update and delete statements. All ready for input from proper HTML forms (that you won't see).

My main goal here has been to build a blog/site from scratch. Wordpress is cool but it's also pretty bloated.

I think my next goals are to make a single post page, and to set up RSS so that I can add again.

Ottawa River

Adding images is a lot harder than I had thought. I used the Shortcuts app to resize and convert images from my phone and then upload them using POST method. The next trick is linking the image to the post in the database.

I built a sqlite database from scratch here. Using the Shortcuts app on my phone I can write a post and it will query a URL and a php script will add the text the database.

Then you should see it here!

Hurdman station
πŸ“· iPhone 12 mini


I've practiced quite a bit of php. Now I'm practicing html with a tiny bit of javascript with help from here

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